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Our Work

Our Team has made a mark in creating and writing some of the Marquee property across Audio dramas

Big Bang Blu
Scam: IRS Calling
Haunted Honeymoon

About us

We believe that audio dramas have the power to transport listeners to entirely new worlds, and that's why we're dedicated to creating the most compelling and engaging content possible. But what really sets us apart is our commitment to innovation.

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible in audio drama, whether that means experimenting with new storytelling techniques or exploring uncharted genres and themes. We believe that every story has the potential to be a masterpiece, and we’re always striving to create the most innovative and groundbreaking content possible.

And with our state-of-the-art recording and sound design equipment, you can be sure that every moment of our audio dramas will be a feast for the ears. From heart-pumping action sequences to intimate character moments, we put every effort into making our productions sound as realistic and immersive as possible.

So if you’re looking for a media production house that’s dedicated to creating the most captivating and innovative audio dramas on the web, look no further than Curious. We’re passionate about what we do, and we can’t wait to take you on an unforgettable journey through our stories.


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I Here You with Aahana Kumra
There’s a new detective in town. She says she hears voices. But whose voices are these?
Get started in Canva (2)
Big Bang Blu
When the very existence of Universe is threatened by Big Bang, Earth needs a warrior, whose powers are out of this world.Siddharth Kumar Yadav aka Sky is a college geek studying Quantum physics and is unaware that he himself is the God particle, the dark aliens are looking for
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SCAM: IRS Calling
As India’s shrewdest scamsters break the back of American taxpayers in a fraud worth INR 2000 crores from an inconspicuous town Ratlam - an unspirited police officer is given the charge to solve the case. Will officer Madan Chaudhry rise to the occasion or repeat the brutal mistakes that led to his infamous demotion?
Haunted Honeymoon
There’s a new detective in town. She says she hears voices. But whose voices are these?
Murder 1971
ACP व्योम तेंदुलकर १५ साल से मुंबई का सुपरकॉप हुआ करता था एक एनकाउंटर में उनके दो टीम मेंबर्स की मौत हो जाती है और व्योम इसके लिए खुद को जिम्मेदार मानने लगता है पूरा डिपार्टमेंट उसे अभी गॉन केस बुलाने लगा है क्यूंकि व्योम पुलिस डिपार्टमेंट के लिए किसी बोझ से कम नहीं है और नए व्योम के लिए ये किसी वरदान से कम नहीं
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